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Q: What is a NewCouple?
A: Two romantic partners willing to learn three basic relationship skills and do whatever personal development necessary to stay in love.

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Seana and Maurice are sorry to announce that NewCouple, Int'l. has been closed.

This website will be reconfigured in the near future to feature information that we feel can be of ongoing benefit to graduates of our programs, our clients and the general public.

Our new contact information:

Seana McGee, MFT:

Maurice Taylor, MFT:

The business telephone line, formerly associated with NewCouple, Int'l., will remain the same for the foreseeable future.

Country code (USA): 1-415-332-8881

Couples and singles of the 21st Century are ready to take their love lives to the next level and that means learning the critical skill of partner-picking and keeping chemistry alive. The NewCouple model, based on the revolutionary Ten New Laws of Love, helps everyone accomplish this quickly and with a minimum of heartache. Whether you're a partner caught in a hot or cold war or between partners and perhaps "scared single" NewCouple programs will empower you to create the successful relationship you deserve.


Maurice Taylor & Seana McGee
Maurice Taylor and Seana McGee

"The complexities of love may seem mysterious, but the wisdom in McGee and Taylor's The New Couple and its Ten New Laws of Love guides us to awareness, wholeness, and infinite blessings."  
Deepak Chopra, M.D.

"Maurice Taylor and Seana McGee have boldly declared the end of the 'traditional marriage' and replaced it with an image of the 'new couple.' The 'Ten New Laws of Love' is a remarkable, clear, systematic and complete guide for couples living in the modern context. I highly recommend it."
Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., author of
Getting the Love You Want

The NewCouple model was conceived by relationship educators Seana McGee and Maurice Taylor. Speakers, seminar leaders, authors, and licensed marriage and family therapists, this husband-and-wife team have worked internationally for 20 years with couples and singles from more than 50 world cultures — and they're still mad about each other!

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For further information about NewCouple events contact: NewCouple, Int'l.,
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